Fitness Studio

The Muscle Breakers Fitness Studio has been equipped with world-class equipments, to make exercise enjoyable & injury free to its clients. It hosts a range of cardio respiratory fitness equipments & strength training machines to train all parts of your body. The trainers are certified in fitness & first aid and they constantly undergo fitness-training programs, conducted by renowned fitness experts. The Floor incharges, who will make exercise simpler & suitable to achieve your goals! The Physios will take care of Fitness Screening, Posture Analysis, Exercise prescription & injury management.
Muscle Breakers Fitness Studio is here to support you whether your goal is weight loss, endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular, and strength. We will educate you; motivate you so that you accomplish your health and fitness goals. We will never placate you with platitudes. We will push you because we know no one succeeds alone. We are in this together through every drop of sweat, through every grunt and groan, and every triumph.