Most of us know that we need to exercise but with increasingly busy lives, it’s important to prioritize the activity that will give us the maximum health benefits. After sitting at a desk for a long day, working out at the gym couldn’t be less appealing. It’s no surprise that more and more people are ditching the gym and hitting the trails to improve their health.

Stress can disrupt your everyday life, causing health problems and depression. Trekking is an excellent mood booster as it combines the physiological benefits of exercise with the mental health benefits of being surrounded by nature and socializing with other people on the trail. Taking in the fresh air and nature around you while trekking is believed to boost memory power and functionality of the brain. Breathing in the fresh air, as well as seeing plants and animals can also give you a better appreciation of the world and a sense of calmness and joy.

Physical fitness is important before setting out for trekking activities. It’s recommended that one start exercising weeks before the scheduled date. As the terrain can be slippery, steep and boulder rained with narrow cliffs even loose soil too. Explore, learn and experience wilderness first-hand via Muscle Breakers Fitness Studio trekking programs. There are trails that suits all levels of fitness and ages – from the leisure walker to the more experienced trekker; from single day treks to multiple days; day treks and night treks too.