Challenges & Contests

If you want to revive the motivation in your members, holding a challenge or contest can get your members revved up in no time. A friendly, motivating challenge is a great way to build a sense of community leading to increased memberships. As long as the challenges are fair and offer a reward, it won’t require much effort to get your members involved. Be sure to design various competitions based on the fitness levels and the types of services that you are offering. You can also hold contests based on certain fitness criteria such as most miles covered, maximum weight lost, most calories burnt etc.

By carefully analyzing the habits and preferences of your members, you can decide whether a challenge or a contest would capture more attention. Contests come with a prize for the winner and pique the interest of people who are more competitive. A challenge, on the other hand, seems to involve everyone, since anyone who completes is viewed as a winner. While each has its own pros and cons, you can opt for one that your members prefer.

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